Minister Lakeba Wallace is a Realtor, Author and Radio/TV Personality and Breast Cancer Survivor/Educator.

Minister Lakeba is a woman of faith. She is a proud mother of two children, an accomplished business owner, a sought after Radio/TV Personality, supportively involved in community organizations, and exemplifies a walk of faith that has branded her as God’s Leading Survivor.

She is the Host of Living Day By Day Internet TV and Radio Show which airs on InternetFabulous.TV and Blog Talk Radio ( and the On Air Host for InternetFabulous.TV. She was a guest on the TV show -- “Nothing Like Church Folks”, and Atlanta 57 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Minister Lakeba is an accomplished writer of books and articles. She published her first book, You Can Make It in March 2009 and wrote a poem entitled “So You Thought.”. Additional books are forthcoming.

As a public speaker, Minister Lakeba Wallace seeks to enhance opportunities in mass media broadcasting, travel, keynote speaking engagements, teaching and coaching to empower all people for obtaining successful recovery strategies from sickliness/illness/disease.


Minister Lakeba Wallace * P.O. Box 680797, Orlando, FL 32868 * E-Mail: